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Item Part Number Description
1 DEX-028-001-00 Front Hanger Bracket
2 DEX-030-028-00 Rear Hanger Bracket
3 TRP-SH7232 Slipper Leaf Spring – 26.5” – 5 leaf – 3500 lb capacity
4a DEX-007-017-00 Spring Eye Bolt – 9/16”-18 x 3”
4b DEX-006-007-01 Nut for Spring Eye Bolt – 9/16”-18
5a DEX-007-007-00 Keeper Bolt – 5/16”-18 x 3 ¼”
5b DEX-006-011-00 Nut for Keeper Bolt – 5/16”-18
6a DEX-011-017-01 U-Bolt – ½”-20 x 6 ½” – For 3” Axle
6b DEX-006-046-00 or DEX-006-026-00 Nut for U-Bolt – ½”-20 – Grade B Flange Lock Nut (DEX-006-046-00) Grade B Hex Nut ( DEX-006-026-00)
7 TRP-300200 Tie Plate for 3” Axle and 2” wide springs
8 TRP-SS300 Spring Seat for 3” Axle


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