US Marine Corps Baggage Carts

U.S. Marine Corps – Albany, GA

Repair Center Carts

PROTOTYPE BAGGAGE CART 019smallThe United States Marine Corps has a facility in Albany Georgia that rebuilds military equipment that is coming back after deployment. The base is equipped with machine shops, tear down and rebuilding shops and blasting and re-coating booths. After a machine or vehicle is torn down, all of the various components need to be distributed to the appropriate building on the base. Baggage carts towed in an airport style train are used to move the parts from one facility to another.

We noticed a request for proposal for many of these baggage carts, so we went to the base to see the carts firsthand. We were impressed at the scope of the facility, and the thought that went into designing these carts. On closer inspection, they were much heavier than the carts you would see at an airport. The steel was very heavy and featured sloped shelves allowing the spent blast media to drop down into a bottom tray. Heavy bed liner was applied to protect the steel structure from scratches and scrapes during loading and unloading. Very heavy curtains with reinforced mesh were used to protect the contents from weather.PROTOTYPE BAGGAGE CART 005small

We were awarded the job and fulfilled the wishes and hopes of the marines for this project. We designed and manufactured the entire cart including the fixed and steerable axles and a mechanical parking brake that applied when the tongue was raised into the vertical position. We also designed and sourced a fabricator to supply the curtains. We made our own hitch device for the rear of each cart.albanyrepaircenter