sound attenuated diesel generators

Sound Attenuated Diesel Generators

Converting Pad Mounted Generators to Portables

Pad mounted generatorA county government had ten year old backup generators in sewage treatment plants that they wanted to replace. The old generators were paid for and didn’t have many hours on them, so they wanted to convert them to portable self-contained units that could be quickly towed and set up wherever they might be needed. The cost to convert was far below buying new portable units.

They wanted to be able to tow these generators with county owned dump trucks because they have hundreds of them in the fleet. They also wanted the generators to be quiet when running, because chances were good they would be needed in a residential neighborhood. They needed a company to build a custom trailer equipped with a noise containment enclosure, and an on-board fuel supply.

New diesel powered generators to be mounted in the trailer making them 100 percent portableAssembly of the trailer platform and deck for the sound attenuated generators

We began the project by fabricating a mount cradle for the mufflers and the batteries. This allowed the generator to be self-contained and compact. We designed and built the trailer specifically for this project, including the positioning of the axles for proper tongue weight.

generator mufflers and and enclosure Front View of generator unit

We installed our laser cut modular galvanized wall sections by merely bolting them to each other around the generator set. Each panel measures 44” wide. The roof ribs shown are equipped with slotted holes allowing the standing seam roof to be bolted to the ribs. The roof panels are held down by clips, meaning there are no screw holes needed or required in this roof system. No holes…….No Leaks !
acoustical foam panels make up the wallOverlapped, laser cut wall panels form a tight seal

1-1/2” thick acoustical foam insulation was installed on the inside of the wall panels to contain the engine noise. The insulation was covered with white aluminum panels – easy to wipe down and clean.
Entry door with louvered wallSide view of soundproof generator trailer

We used insulated commercial fire rated door with panic bars and hydraulic door closers. Note our louvered wall section that lets air in but keeps the rain out. All the sheet metal parts were laser cut and bent on-site at our factory.
Completed project, towable by a variety of county owned vehiclesCompleted trailer

The trailer looks good and is very quiet. We re-used all of the original mufflers and exhaust components to minimize the cost to the customer. The trailer is easily towed by a wide variety of county owned trucks.

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