Custom Roadway Work Zone Safety Trailer

Custom Roadway Work Zone Safety Trailer

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maintenance of traffic trailer - holds cones and signsMaintenance of Traffic (MOT) is mandatory for anyone that works on a public road. Diverting traffic to work on a guardrail, mow the grass, fix potholes or any other work that requires traffic diversion or closing lanes is regulated by federal law. For instance, the signs used to alert traffic of “Construction Ahead” are required to be a certain size and color. The placement and spacing of traffic cones or barrels and even the use of flashing arrows or reflectors is strictly regulated. The Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) is the bible for roadway work.

The challenge for contractors, government agencies and first responders is always being prepared for any kind of traffic emergency. When a traffic accident occurs or an emergency repair is required, that is not the time to be rummaging through warehouses or storage buildings looking for the appropriate signs, sign holders, cones or other items.

This trailer was requested by the City of Warrenton, Virginia. A main highway runs directly through the city and they had to respond to traffic emergencies 24/7. They needed a trailer that allowed them to always be prepared and organized and that is exactly what we delivered! Click here to view our standard Roadway Workzone Trailer.

roadway work zone safety trailertrailer for highway work equipment - cones, barrels. signs, sign holders