Portable Kitchen Skids

Portable Kitchen Skids

Portable Kitchen SkidsOne of our customers rents temporary kitchens for use during special events or disaster relief after storms. We built some of these kitchen modules to their specs using their drawings.

Commercial restaurants are required to have fire suppression systems specifically designed for kitchens. Cooking over an open burner usually requires a range exhaust hood that is equipped with an ANSUL extinguisher system. The fire would automatically be detected, then would be doused with pressurized ANSUL and the gas supply valve is shut off – all automatically! It’s a great system for permanent installations, but what do you do for festivals or events set up temporarily in a parking lot?

These skids are equipped as well as the finest restaurant kitchen but they are designed for instant setup. Forklift slots are provided on all four sides for easy transport. A single connection for LP gas and 120vac power is also provided. The system is designed to let the chef choose what type of cooking equipment they would like to use under the ANSUL protected exhaust hood.

Portable Kitchen System with ansulThis project was a great match for our capabilities! Most people think of us as a trailer company, but this project required the same skills we utilize when building our trailers – bending, shearing, laser cutting, punching, welding, wiring, and plumbing.KitchenSkidsInstalledsmall

portable kitchen skids in use