Ingersoll Rand Portable Air Compressor Enclosures

Ingersoll Rand Portable Air Compressor Enclosures

The Pakistan Air Force needed high pressure air to start up the jet aircraft at their Air Force bases. BAE Aerospace began the process by sourcing a diesel powered high pressure compressor packaged by Ingersoll Rand. The compressor itself met the specifications, but the specs called for a portable housing that could be towed on a roadway, but also rolled around on the airport ramp as a traditional Ground Support Equipment (GSE) cart. A suitable housing and the running gear did not exist – that’s where we came in!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Ingersoll Rand approached us about buying a quantity of these. We created CAD drawings to design the 16 gauge sheet metal housing for the portable air compressor enclosures. We used a shape that looked like a tow-able compressor and outfitted it with gull wing doors held up by nitrogen gas struts. This shape was perfect for allowing access to both sides of the engine and compressor and battery for routine service. Next, we designed a running gear system using off the shelf trailer axles, tires, and wheels. The hitch design allows the unit to fold up into a compact shape when pushed by hand on the ramp, but can quickly convert to a tow-able unit for road transport. We powder coated the unit in the required O.D. Green color.

We continue to offer this empty package with or without the trailer to any customer needing a pre-engineered housing.portable air compressor trailer enclosure trailer mounted air compressor housing






trailer mounted air compressor enclosure