Centreville Introduces Dual Voltage 12/24 Volt NATO Capable Trailers

12/24 NATO Plug Capable Trailers

We are proud to be one of the first companies to offer a dual voltage option on our trailers.

An increasing number of military vehicles are produced with 24Vdc electrical systems, such as the Humvee used by the US Military. In addition, a number of foreign civilian vehicles also are equipped with 24Vdc electrical systems – such as the Land Rover.

You can imagine what will happen when a person attempts to tow a 12 volt trailer with a 24V tow vehicle. Damaging the lighting systems of either vehicle is minor compared to disabling an electric brake trailer by instantly burning out the brake magnets.

Centreville Manufacturing offers an optional lighting system that will accept 10-30 volt inputs. For vehicles requiring the 12 pin NATO plug (see photo below), we can supply our trailers with the plug installed and ready to go.

We stock 12 pin NATO plugs and sockets, and we make adapters that allow you to tow some 24 volt military trailers with a civilian truck, or to tow some civilian trailers with a 24 volt military vehicle. Ask us for details.

12 pin NATO plug If you need a trailer that will operate using both a Humvee AND with your basic 12V Ford, Chevy or Dodge pickup truck, we can supply a front mounted socket that will accommodate both the NATO plug and the 7 Pin round plug used by everyone (below).

accommodate both the NATO adapter and the 7 Pin round plug used by everyone

As of this writing, there is no 24Vdc operated electric brake controller. Attempting to install a 12Vdc brake controller on a 24Vdc tow vehicle is likely to end in frustration. We offer a totally self contained hydraulic brake system with your choice of drum or disk brakes. No modification is required to your tow vehicle.

Our custom trailer manufacturing division can easily design and produce a “build from scratch” trailer for anyone working in both a military and civilian environment such as the National Guard that requires trailers useable in the military theater or on the interstate at home.

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