US Border Patrol Bed Mounted Scissor Lifts

US Border Patrol Bed Mounted Scissor Lifts

We designed and built these bed mounted scissor lifts for U.S. Border Patrol in El Paso, Texas. Special cameras supplied by the government were mounted on the top of the platforms that allowed the driver of the truck to watch a monitor inside of the vehicle. The driver also had the ability to move the camera inside of the vehicle using pan and tilt controls. When fully extended, the cameras allowed the operator to see 360° over hills and bushes without needing to move the vehicle.United States Border Patrol Bed Mounted Surveillance Camera

The lift system was designed to very quickly and easily to mount to the truck without drilling, cutting, welding, or electrical connections required. The base of the lift included mounting holes that matched up with the factory Ford bed mounting bolts. We just removed the four bolts, positioned the lift over the holes, then re-installed the bolts!

The lift has it’s own battery that recharges using a trailer plug that plugs directly into the truck’s receptacle.

These bed mounted scissor lifts are not limited to being used for surveillance cameras. They could be used to hoist floodlights, emergency public address systems, video screens, and many other items. Being that they are mounted to the truck bed, they can be moved from site to site quickly and easily.

United States Border Patrol Bed Mounted Scissorlift – Extends 17 feet above the truck bed (Approximately 20 feet above ground)USBP Z-LIFT 1108 007small

– 300 lb lift capacity

– No modifications required to vehicle

– Self contained battery / 12 volt hydraulic pump

– Powder coated finish for durability

– Adjustable hydraulic descent speed

– Manufactured in the U.S.A. at our factory in Maryland