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Portable Communications Antenna Trailer

antenna trailer

Antenna Research Associates had the antenna shipped directly to our factory. We built the trailer and outrigger system to meet the size required by the customer. We made a special rack to hold a group of batteries used to provide short bursts of power when needed. The same batteries were used to power the winches needed to pivot the antenna into the vertical position as well as the winches that extended the antenna. These batteries were “trickle charged” to keep them ready at all times. For additional assurance, we mounted a 7000 watt auto start generator just ahead of the antenna mount platform.

This was a very compact trailer that was able to be pulled by a pickup truck, but when deployed it became a powerful homeland security tool. We have the ability to design and build custom enclosures on this type of trailer. These enclosures can be for equipment, power supplies, mobile control stations or a combination of those if needed.portable communications antenna trailer