Military and Government Projects

Learn more about how we have leveraged our custom design and manufacturing skills to complete military and government projects, specialized trailers and portable solutions to satisfy the needs of our servicemen and women. Projects range from local city and county governments, state government as well as federal projects serving in the role of lead or sub contractor.  If your looking for a custom manufacturing solution for your military or government project, give us a call!

Emergency drinking water trailers for the New York Department of Homeland Security, part of our collection of government trailers
Sound attenuated generator trailers, a government trailer project
Xerox speed control cameras red light cameras
US Navy Seabees Portable Carpenters Workshop
Border patrol elevated camera platforms - bed mounted scissor lifts
40 ton drop deck trailer for US Army, part of our collection of military trailers
roadway workzone safety trailer - maintenance of traffic
Part of our collection of military trailers designed to help our servicemen - marine corps baggage carts
portable communications antenna trailer
Portable air compressor enclosures
20 foot iso chassis connex box trailer
portable kitchen skids
explosive containment trailer
Quick power restoration system - temporary power poles