Emergency Power Poles

Emergency Power Poles

Downed Power Lines

It’s going to take a week to fix this. Is there a way to temporarily bypass this downed powerpole mess and get the power back on?

Instant Set Up After Storms

Concrete base, small forklift required for setupSlide in mast, no tools required.
These poles set up in minutes by one person and a small forklift. The 2-1/2 ton 4 foot square base is filled with concrete and features built in forklift tubes. Once the base is set in position, the mast assembly slides into the base. No digging, bracing or anchoring is required. No bucket truck or auger is required.

Fiberglass arms are raised an lowered with a hand winchConductor Installation

The fiberglass cross arm lowers to ground level by using a secure winch. The worker installs the conductors, adjusts the sag, then raises the cross arm to the top of the pole. All of this work is done from ground level!

Installation is done at ground level, requires no bucket truck or ladder.

Positive latch, makes sure conductor cross arm stays in positionOpen the latch to adjust cross arm position up or down.
A positive latch system assures that the cross arm stays put in the up position. Opening the latch to lower the cross arm can be done from the ground level by pulling down on the release cable with a hot stick while slowly lowering the winch.

poles can be configured to carry primary or secondary conductorsDisplay of pole in elevated positionThe poles can be configured to carry primary or secondary conductors. Brackets can be added for mounting pole transformers for service drops. All can be prewired at ground level before rising to the top of the pole.
Schematic of pole system.

The galvanized poles can be supplied in any length from 20 foot to 40 foot high.

These poles are adaptable for many uses. The vertical slide mechanism has a “quick attach” bracket that allows the same pole to be used for temporary floodlights, security cameras, public address speakers, jumbo video screens, or stretching a banner across a roadway during special events.

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