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Custom Trailers – Innovative Designs

Tell us your dream, tell us your idea, tell us what would make it better and we can design, fabricate and build a custom trailer for you. If you don’t see what you are looking for in our trailers for sale, or one of our stock trailers would need to be modified to fit your needs, we can bring our years of experience to help solve your problem. If your industry or fleet trailer needs require a uniquely designed trailer we can leverage our expertise to design and construct a trailer that will satisfy your needs and hold up over time. Here are some examples of custom trailers we’ve built:

Solar powered sign lighting kit
Guardrail weed growth prevention system
Quick power restoration system - temporary power poles
Emergency Generator Shelter
Portable generator with enclosure
Green Power trailer
Roadway Workzone Trailer
Lift Gate Trailer
Scrap wood to heat generator - portable wood heat.
Modular enclosure panels, used for quick construction for trailers, truck beds and equipment.
Gas powered booster / charger
Sandblast Containment Trailer
Engine / Cabinet Enclosures
2000 gallon double wall fuel tanks

You will find more innovative equipment and trailer designs at our Innovative Equipment website. We focus our design and engineering knowledge on real world problems and build solutions that are better, safer and faster. Now featuring our: