What Sets Our Trailers Apart

Why buy a Centreville Trailer?

With all of the trailer companies out there, why should you choose us?


  • Our trailers are built with heavy duty structural steel

centreville trailer frame

A view of one of our trailers flipped upside down

centreville trailer cross member vs. competitor

What we use for our cross members (left) vs. what some competitors use (right)










  • All of our trailers feature a custom designed commercial grade sealed wiring harness – provides protection against wire chafing, water intrusion and corrosion (Made in the U.S.A.)

sealed wiring harness centreville trailer

Sealed wiring harness

  • Our trailers all have plug in LED lighting with independent grounding on each light (Made in the U.S.A.)

led lights centreville trailer plug in led lighting centreville trailer







  •  We use a two step primer and paint process with the option of powder coating

  • Galvanized option on fleet orders

galvanized centreville trailer

Galvanized 610 Box trailers for Sunbelt Rentals

  • Our trailers are offered in black, white, yellow, green, red & blue (Trailers are painted their standard color as stated in specifications unless other color is requested by customer)

black centreville trailer


green centreville trailer

Green – Note: This trailer model is no longer available

yellow centreville trailer


red centreville trailer


blue centreville trailer


  •  We also offer fleet color matching

united rentals centreville trailer

United Rentals Blue

sunbelt rentals centreville trailer

Sunbelt Rentals Green








  • Our jacks are bolted on, allowing for minimal replacement cost

  • bolt on jack centreville trailer

    We use grade 70 safety chain with integral latches on the hooks

  • All of our trailers feature adjustable coupling systems – Huge advantage to customers towing multiple trailers with one vehicle!

adjustable coupler centreville trailer

Adjustable pintle eye and grade 70 safety chain with integral hook latches

  • We use quality trailer axles that are made in the U.S.A.

axles made in u.s.a. centreville trailer

  • Our trailers are built with a heavy duty slipper spring suspension, which reduces the number of moving parts from 7 to 3 per axle – less moving parts = less pieces to wear out and require replacement

centreville trailer suspension  centreville trailer heavy duty suspension






  • We use a greasable “E-Z Lube” style hub, reducing maintenance cost and time

centreville trailer dexter ez lube hubs greasable hubs centreville trailer







  •  All axles on our trailers have brakes – we offer electric (standard), hydraulic surge brakes, or disc brakes

  • Our trailers feature a self contained breakaway battery system with charging and diagnostic features

breakaway system centreville trailer

  • Our wood decking is secured with removable decking screws

  • We offer Pine (standard) or Oak decking, as well as diamond plate steel

centreville trailer pine decking

Pine Decking

centreville trailer oak decking

Oak Decking








centreville trailer diamond plate steel deck floor

Steel Diamond Plate Decking

  • We are affiliated with NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufacturers) and are compliant with the most current federal regulations

  • We uphold a strict level of quality for any Centreville Manufacturing built product!

  • Proudly made in the U.S.A at our manufacturing facility in Maryland!