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About Us

Centreville Manufacturing - Creative People doing Creative Things

About Us

Most companies introduce the officers of their organization here.

Instead, we would rather have you see the folks that really make it happen at our company. We prefer to develop talent and experience by giving people a chance to learn something they have never done before.

Our Way

Our employees work hard and have fun at the same time. Pushing the button to make one of these machines work for the first time offers a great source of pride.

We think that inventing solutions to common everyday problems is fun. We are not engineers, but we are bright, creative workers that have solved problems that others haven’t tried.

We like technology when it helps us build product. We buy modern equipment, and even make some of our own fabrication equipment when we are unable to buy what we need.

We don’t use technology when it prevents us from offering personal customer service. If you call us, you will be able to talk to one of us for help, even during lunch hours. We don’t believe in voice mail.

Why Us

We offer much more than flatbed trailers. We want you to think of us as a company that can make solutions portable. Give us a challenge.

You can purchase direct from our factory, and we will arrange delivery to you anywhere in the world. We equally welcome your inquiry for one item or 1,000.

Here on our web site, you can view our current trailer models, look at some custom models we have built, see projects that we have done for Military branches and Government entities, get directions to our store and much more.